Get Ready to Know the 10 Things We Love About the Royal Enfield Classic 350!

Royal Enfield, the world’s oldest motorcycle manufacturer, has been in business for over a century. Throughout its 121-year history, Royal Enfield has seen a great deal, produced excellent motorcycles worldwide, and become a household name on a global scale.

Royal Enfield is currently the undisputed global leader in the 250-750cc segment. Numerous cycles and production decisions have contributed to the brand’s success, but none more so than the 2008 Classic 350, which stormed the motorcycle market upon its introduction.

10 Things We Love About The Royal Enfield Classic 350

Royal Enfield introduced the Classic 350’s second iteration in 2021, bringing the company’s best-selling motorcycle into a new era. There are numerous reasons for the Classic 350’s success, and here are ten reasons why we adore the Royal Enfield Classic 350.

10. The Fuel Injection System of the Classic 350

Before introducing the Classic 350, Royal Enfield replaced its old cast iron engine with an all-new aluminum UCE (unit construction engine). While the engine still had the same 346cc capacity, it now had two spark plugs in each cylinder and a new fuel injection system to meet emission standards.

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This new engine made the Classic 350 a lot more fun to ride because it was more responsive. Furthermore, it was more fuel-efficient, lowering the overall cost of ownership.

9. The 5-Speed Transmission

The Classic 350 came with a 5-speed gearbox to the left as the India-based motorcycle maker moved with the times and introduced a modern, fuel-injected technology. The Classic’s new gearbox replaced RE’s previous layout, which had the transmission on the right and the brake on the left.

With the departure of the old quirky transmission system, the newer 5-speed was a lot easier to use, which was appreciated not only by enthusiasts but also by young bikers who now considered the Classic as a viable first bike, as Royal Enfield had previously become known as more of an acquired taste that required some mastering.

8. The Classic 350 Can Go Anywhere

The Royal Enfield Classic 350’s versatility remains its primary selling point, as the bike is genuinely comfortable in all seasons and terrains.

10 Things We Love About The Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Classic 350 is a versatile, all-season motorcycle that appeals to cyclists of all ages and preferences. Due to its excellent torque and pace in the lower rev range, it is ideally suited for use as a daily driver in the city.

7. The Classic 350’s Maintenance Costs Are Remarkably Low

Additionally, the Royal Enfield Classic 350 has exceptionally minimal maintenance costs. In fact, this motorcycle is notoriously inexpensive when it comes to maintenance and repairs. Moreover, despite the fact that Royal Enfield has updated and modernized the motorcycle, it remains one of the simplest bikes to repair. The bike’s extremely low maintenance costs also increase your chances of locating a reliable used Classic 350.

6. Great Torque Figures Compensate For The Lack Of Horsepower

Royal Enfield’s 346-cc single-cylinder air-cooled fuel injection engine produces 19.3 horsepower in the Classic 350. While this may not sound particularly remarkable for a 430-pound tourer, the motorcycle excels in terms of torque.

For all Royal Enfield devotees, the Classic 350 is all about the torque, which, at 20.65 lb-ft, provides excellent low- and mid-range responsiveness. Despite its weight, the bicycle is a phenomenal city rider for this reason.

5. The Classic 350’s ABS

Many motorcycle fans grumble that new-age bikes feel like tech nannies, with safety measures that are either overly limiting or invasive. The ABS on the Royal Enfield Classic 350 was never a source of contention.​​​​​​​ The motorcycle has both single and dual-channel ABS, and the 280mm front disc and 240mm rear disc provide excellent braking and stopping force.

4. The Classic 350 is Still One of the Most Affordable Heritage Motorcycles on the Market

Due to the bike’s fantastic and reasonable price tag, Royal Enfield has had tremendous global success with their bikes, particularly the Classic 350. When it comes to old-school, retro-styled cruisers, arguably no motorbike outperforms the Classic 350 in terms of dependability, performance, and cost.​​​​​​​

10 Things We Love About The Royal Enfield Classic 350

The Classic 350 is an amazing value-for-money machine, especially for those new to the motorcycle world, with a starting price of $4,499 that can rise to $4,699 depending on the color you choose.

3. The Classic 350 Has Upgraded Suspension and Switches

The Royal Enfield Classic 350 is best known for being one of the most dependable tourers on the market. It has a straight riding position that offers a comfortable stance for riders even over long distances across the country or on the highway.​​​​​​​

The telescopic front forks and rear twin gas-charged shock absorbers on the 2022 Classic 350 provide soft suspension, allowing the bike to glide over potholes and poor roads.

2. The Classic 350 is Suitable for Riders of All Heights and Sizes

While the Classic 350 has always welcomed all motorcyclists regardless of weight or height, its 2022 incarnation has never been more accommodating. With enhanced ergonomics, an erect seating position, and closer handlebars that provide a more comfortable position, the Classic 350 is simple for any rider to quickly master. Its seat height of approximately 31.4 inches also makes it accessible to riders of all sizes.

1. Riders Enjoy the Classic 350’s Engine Rumble

Possibly what makes the Royal Enfield such an iconic motorcycle is its legendary engine thud, which has given the bike incredible character for decades. In addition, the rider feels as if they are in complete control of a vintage motorcycle. The sound of a motorcycle’s engine is, after all, an integral element of the riding experience.

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